Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Middle School Science

Mr. Calef’s students use Chromebooks every day in class. Everything is done through Google Classroom which is a learning management system where teachers can share links or docs, ask questions for formative assessment, and much more. Students receive information and turn in assignments through Google Classroom.  Typically, in middle school science, students begin with board work by means of Google forms. 6th Grade students recently used google drawing, slides, or docs to create original analogies for the functions of cell organelles, examples shown. All middle school students are taking collaborative notes to help each other have everything that they need to study.  Chromebooks and Google tools for learning are always evident in Mr. Calef’s class.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Yearbook Class

Have you ever used digital scrapbooking? High school students in Mrs. Williams' Yearbook class use Jostens Yearbook Avenue for the creation of the school yearbook. Students take pictures with digital cameras, upload those pictures to their Chromebook and ultimately to the creator in order to design the yearbook pages. They choose colors, layouts, and titles. The students use their Chromebooks each day working on the yearbook and will possibly have to use them outside of class to meet deadlines. An example of the page is below.