Friday, April 5, 2019

1:1 Chromebooks...WHAT?

College Heights is continually striving to excel.  One area that has continually scored low with parents is technology, over 60% recently responded that College Heights is behind.  Therefore, with thorough evaluation and planning, a 1:1 initiative was ratified. 1:1 is a common name for schools handing out 1 technology device per 1 student. College Heights is supplying students in grades 6-12 with a Chromebook device as part of their textbook resources. This Chromebook is in addition to current textbooks and will be utilized as a tool to enrich the curriculum, not in place of.  Students will be taught how to utilize their Chromebook as an educational advantage and how to be good digital citizens. College Heights is creating a controlled environment in which students learn how to use technology in the classroom, expecting students to apply the skills in personal technology usage. Each student will have, as their default homepage, our CHCS student portal which contains links for direct access to Google Apps, Facts and other educational material.  Click here to view the Chromebook Policy.  
This program will be called Seize the World: Technology taking students beyond the classroom.  CHCS’ mission to create students with a biblical worldview will continue to increase with the integration of Chromebooks.  Students need to be prepared to go into the world as Christians and be competitive in the global society. As we prepare students for global jobs that don’t currently exist, teach them foundational technology skills, and how to be problem solvers, we create lifelong learners that will be successful in the future.
Seniors piloted Chromebooks this Spring, allowing for evaluation before all 6-12th graders receive Chromebooks.  Our program is different than other area programs in that we are still using textbooks and we have been training teachers for a year now. This foundational preparation is key to success of the program.  This program is an asset to students and the school. Why? Watch for the next post to find out.

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